Graduation Outfits
Monday, May 09, 2016
By Michele Katsaris
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You've got your class ring, you've got the cap and gown, your cell phone is fully charged... but what about the perfect outfit to wear under the gown?  We've got some amazing ideas for you to put together that picture perfect outfit!  The first thing is to decide if you're going to wear a dress, skirt, or pants.  Remember that you're graduating in June (and in North Carolina) it's going to be hot out, so wear something that you won't be sweating in.  The next thing to decide is heels or flats.  If you know you can't walk well in heels don't even bother with them.  You want to be comfortable since graduation is like an all day event.  After you have that figure out you can pair different color combinations and different dress styles.

We like solid colors with unique shoes and patterned dresses with solid shoes.  White and black are always good colors to wear with a bright colored shoe.  You can also do a summer color like pink or baby blue to stand out.  Also remember to try to match your outfit to your gowns.  Some gowns are maroon and navy blue so wear a white or black dress.

Your shoes are key!  These will be scene with your gown.  When you're walking across stage if your gown is navy.. maybe don't wear bright pink shoes.  If it's black... well that goes with anything (except brown!).  Making a statement with your shoes can be good because those will be seen in your "walking across stage" picture.

Most importantly make sure you feel good in your outfit.  You want to be the best version of yourself that day so wear something you feel confident in!

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