Senior Model: Kaylee Painter
Friday, May 13, 2016
Senior Model: Kaylee Painter

Everyone meet Kaylee Painter!  Our senior model from Jacksonville High School.  At school Kaylee is involved on the Cheer leading team as well as the National Honor Society, HOSA, S.A.D.D and Interact.  After high school Sadie plans to attend University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  "I want to become a nurse practitioner one day and Wilmington has one of the best nursing programs in North Carolina.  I love kids so I would love to specialize in pediatrics."We love Kaylee's style because it's boho chic.  "My range of style though is very wide.  I love wearing a unique and different clothing, but boho chic is definitely my favorite!"  We also love how she grabs pieces from different places and puts them together perfectly.  Her favorite stores are Forever 21, American Eagle, Francesca's, PacSun, Tilly's, and Vineyard Vines.  Her go-to make up is a simple smokey eye and a light foundation.  "My go-to hair style is my signature curls.  I put my hair in a big pony tail and I use my curling wand to curl it and when I take it out of the pony tail I always have the perfect curls every time!"Kaylee Volunteers at the hospital during the entire supper which she is super excited about.  In the past she has volunteered at the partnership for children, family endeavors, and the soup kitchen.  If she had to choose ...

Graduation Outfits
Monday, May 09, 2016
Senior Model: Kaylee Painter

You've got your class ring, you've got the cap and gown, your cell phone is fully charged... but what about the perfect outfit to wear under the gown?  We've got some amazing ideas for you to put together that picture perfect outfit!  The first thing is to decide if you're going to wear a dress, skirt, or pants.  Remember that you're graduating in June (and in North Carolina) it's going to be hot out, so wear something that you won't be sweating in.  The next thing to decide is heels or flats.  If you know you can't walk well in heels don't even bother with them.  You want to be comfortable since graduation is like an all day event.  After you have that figure out you can pair different color combinations and different dress styles.We like solid colors with unique shoes and patterned dresses with solid shoes.  White and black are always good colors to wear with a bright colored shoe.  You can also do a summer color like pink or baby blue to stand out.  Also remember to try to match your outfit to your gowns.  Some gowns are maroon and navy blue so wear a white or black dress.Your shoes are key!  These will be scene with your gown.  When you're walking across stage if your gown is navy.. maybe don't wear bright pink shoes.  If it's black... well that goes with anything (except brown!).  Making a ...

Senior Model: Faith
Friday, May 06, 2016
Senior Model: Kaylee Painter

Meet Faith!  Out Senior Model from Jacksonville High School where she is the president the Health and Science Academy, president of the SADD (Student Against Destructive Decisions) Club, a member of the National Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society, a member of the HOSA club and a member of the Interact club.  PHEW!   After graduation Faith is going to school to become a nurse and a surgical technician or a sonographer.  She plans on going to community college that offer technician schooling.  She plans to attend Cape Fear and become a technician and then go to UNCW to become a nurse giving her a total of six years in school.  "I am determined to be successful in my future medical career, so go big or go home right?"Outside of school Faith loves to cook.  "I can cook almost anything.  I LOVE IT!"  She also volunteers at the Onslow County Senior Center.  Her personal style is something we love about her because it's very classy and fun.  "I love pearls and light colors like baby blue or pink.  My style is very appropriate, classy, sassy, and fun!"  She's also a smart shopper because she lives for sales.  " Why buy a pair of 50$ AE jeans when you can get the same value in pants somewhere else? With that being said I am a big fan of Marshalls when it comes to shirts. However, my overall FAV ...

Prom Poses
Monday, May 02, 2016
Senior Model: Kaylee Painter

With prom fastly approaching it's time to get into the prom spirit and book your prom session!  We are hosting so many different prom packages you're bound to find one that you love.  We can do group shots, couples, or individuals to show off that gorgeous dress!!  We wanted to give you some behind the scenes of individual shoots we have done that show off just how fabulous you feel in your prom dress.We love when our girls want to show off their prom dresses so we make sure to capture them at their very best.  It doesn't matter if the dress is long or short.  If there's accessories on the back or the front.  If it's blue or black.  We will always show the best version of yourself.  By doing simple movements we are able to get all of the amazing features of your prom dress.  We also have different backdrops that can highlight the colors in your dress. We promise that no matter what kind of dress you have, you can bet that we will get the best pictures to show it off.By looking over your shoulder, or placing your hand on you hip, we can get so many different angles.  We know these memories only come once in a life time and we promise that no matter what kind of dress you have, you can bet that we will get the best pictures to show it off. Book your Prom Session by calling the studio today! 910-219-3013 Follow us on ...

Senior Model: Hannah
Friday, April 29, 2016
Senior Model: Kaylee Painter

Meet Hannah!  Our senior model from Havelock High School where she is a part of the Varsity Cheer Squad and Student Council.  Outside of school Hannah works at cookout and likes to hangout with her friends.  After graduation Hannah is planning on attending Belmont Abbey College and being apart of the cheer team.  She also volunteers with her school to help raise money for different kids in need.  She also volunteers at church to make and give dinner for those in need.  "My role models are my mom and my older sisters and I am very passionate about cheer leading."We love Hannah's style!  "My personal style is a preppy chic and sometimes laid back.  I usually shop at Belk and American Eagle."  She also has the best study tips.  "Write and rewrite.  Rewriting everything helps me a lot when studying.  I also always have my Lily Pulitzer agenda, it has everything I would ever need inside of it."  Hannah plans on decorating her dorm room in a very preppy way.  "Lily Pulitzer and monograms everywhere!"Before she leaves high school though, Hannah wants the perfect prom, graduation, and grad party.  "My perfect prom would be with my best of friends and the perfect dress just having tons of fun.  Then the perfect graduation would be just having it very warm outside and getting to walk across the stage.  ...

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